A Canarian Socialist supports Dani Mateo for the polmica of the flag – La Provincia

A Canarian Socialist supports Dani Mateo for the polmica of the flag - La Provincia

The socialist politician of Tenerife Gustavo Matos has posted a comment on his profile on Sunday Facebook in which supports the humorist Dani Mateo, protagonist of a controversy by a sketch of his in The Intermediate in which it sounds with the flag of Spain.

"I am more represented by a comedian who tries to stir consciences than a legion of patriots whose idea of ​​a country is that one in which there is no room for those who do not like them. @DaniMateoAgain".

This is the comment he wrote this Sunday afternoon.

The popular presenter and humorist Dani Mateo returned to star in a controversy with his appearances on television.

Another joke of the program El Intermedio, La Sexta has generated numerous critics in the social networks, perhaps more than any other.

At Program presenting El Gran Wyoming last Wednesday, Mateo, during a parodic reading of the Frenadol's prospectus, simulates sneezing and sniffing the snot with the flag of Spain, act in which recreates a few seconds.

"What have I done, what have I done !?", says Mateo afterwards In the middle. "No, no, no, I did not want to offend anyone," she adds as she caresses and kisses the flag.

"He did not want to offend, not the Spaniards, not the king, much less the Chinese who sell these rags," he continues to retract again and ipso facto for using the word "rags".

Instantly, thousands of Internet users said they felt offended in social networks and criticized the mockery of the monologuista of the Red Roda Teaching.

Dani Mateo had to go to social networks to give his point of view. "The meaning of the sketch of the flag was – or so I understood – to show that, when tempers are very hot, flags become more important than people and that is dangerous," he writes in a tweet, to specify: " That's why I was falling apart when I realized that it had sounded in her, it was never an offense. "

And the Great Wyoming He also supported it, like many other progressive politicians and defenders of freedom of expression.

This is what The Great Wyoming wrote in his account Twitter"Spanishitos, let's see if you know that Dani Mateo blows the snot with the flag is a parody, it is HUMOR, that the corrupt use the flag of Spain, it is humiliation, that you continue to vote for the corrupt ones of ???? is from GILIPOLLAS., in addition to COMPLICES, in defense of Mateo ".

And is that there were many Internet users who defended it by raising, among other things, freedom of expression and sense of humor. "When flags are more important than people is that something bad is happening in society," says one of the Internet users who sympathizes with the comedian.

Many opponents to the sketch of The intermediate -It's actually from the direction and scriptwriters of the show- they said that I was not able to do the same with an Islamic flag. The presenter is called everything: "insensitive", "clown", "unpatriotic" …

They say that the flag is a symbol that represents all Spaniards and that this joke is an affront to feelings that "unite" the Spaniards. But, in truth, the sketch corresponds to the critical and even irreverent tone of the El Intermedio program.

The sixth He came to remove the video of the controversy of his web. Some detractors have even asked to boycott it.


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