July 27, 2021

A Canarian mother of surrogate gestation in Kiev asks that they "do something" to get them out of there – The Province

A Canarian mother of surrogate gestation in Kiev asks that they "do something" to get them out of there - The Province

Nathalie Maat, is a Canarian mother, who is in Kiev where her daughter Rocío, born by surrogate pregnancy, and who despite being 99.9 percent daughter of Spanish, according to DNA, can not return to Spain following the instruction given by the Minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado, in February of this year, which is why he asks the authorities to "do something" to get them out of there.

Maat explained that her daughter was born on February 5 and two weeks before the General Directorate of Registry and Notaries in Spain reached an agreement with gestational surrogate associations, specialist lawyers and members of the Human Rights Foundation so that the process of registration of the children will be carried out through the DNA test, as it was done up to now, considering that "it was the right one, the right one and the one that most protected the minors".

However, he added, the Minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado, "tomb this instruction" on February 16, alleging on television that she does "personally, by a unilateral decision", issuing a new instruction, which is published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) on February 21, and with which the form of registration of children is changed, since it forces to be done "by judicial means, without any moratorium".

In this sense, this Canarian mother criticizes that "no" is taken into account the children already conceived, so she considered the performance of the minister "a little demential," as she says in an interview to the program.Nothing to see'by José Luis Martín in 7.7 Radio.

He added that although the Government does not recommend going to Ukraine, when this is known, they are already in the process, qualifying that a pregnancy lasts nine months, and insists that the Spanish Government "does not apply a moratorium, does not apply article 29 of the Spanish Civil Code in which it says that the conceived is considered to be born for all the effects that are favorable ", so he considered that his daughter and that of other parents in the same situation" should be able to register as all born before February 22 ".

In addition, it affects that the European Court "It says that states have to recognize the legal link between the mother's intention – which is her case – and the one born in a surrogate gestation process abroad, and says that above is the general interest of the child "

To this, he added, that also refers to the negative impact that may have for the child, which is not recognized, but noted that "all this should be seen in Spain"Therefore, stressed that the" only "you want now" is to be recognized – Rocío – as the daughter of Spanish and their rights to get to Spain, "and begin the process to be her legal mother.

"Political maneuver"

For this Canarian mother the position of the minister "is a political maneuver to silence other sectors that do not agree, to seek a vote of the woman", although she pointed out that she as a woman "does not" feel represented, so who called it "a nonsense."

To this, he added, that in the Spanish Embassy in Ukraine, mothers who have opted for surrogate pregnancy "no" can enter, for any other reason yes, but for that "we are not taken into account."

Nathalie has stressed that they have not done any illegality, nor have they skipped the law, but "simply" have pursued "a dream".

"My husband He already has all the papers in the Ukrainian registry because everything is legal here, we have not committed any illegality, in Spain it is not illegal either, it is alegal. I am not skipping any law, simply what I have done is to follow a dream because I also can not adopt having gone through a chronic illness, I have asked my doctors, "he pointed out.

To underline that the decision adopted is "very studied, it is not arbitrary as the minister has done". In her case, she has not been able to donate, so there has been a Spanish father, a donor and a pregnant woman, although in others the two parents are the donors.

Now Nathalie is waiting to solve this situation, although in Ukraine you can spend three months as a tourist and three months to be with a visa, although he said that it takes between three and six months to get a passport in Ukraine.

Currently in Ukraine are two Canarian couples, as well as 40, 45 couples in total, and in about two months it is estimated that 100 couples are reached in a single clinic, because there are more clinics in this country and not only Spanish people.


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