July 14, 2020

A Canarian beach, protagonist in 'Cuarto Milenio' – La Provincia

The famous program of paranormal phenomena of Cuatro, 'Fourth millenium' The spooky stories surrounding one of the beaches of the Canary Islands echoed the night of this Sunday, December 1. It is specifically the Erese beach, in La Gomera, a space that has been the scene of "strange events".

"In 1966 in this hidden place, a mother and a son witnessed an unusual and creepy appeal that came from the sea. Eugenia, the mother of the child Francisco, shouted desperately at him so that he would not attend the call of that being who was almost out of water despite the waves. Eugenia says decades later that it was a spirit. " This is how they report on the website of the program one of the paranormal phenomena that have been experienced in this bathing area.

They also relate the experience of another neighbor, Epifanio, who said that when he returned from fishing he ran into a figure of more than two meters, with the arms crossed, that looked towards the static ravine.

"Being the scene of strange apparitions and deaths, fishermen also talk about the noise of chains and footprints on the stones. In addition, many people have come to that beach expressly to commit suicide. Shadows, presences and strange apparitions that continue to bristle today. canary skin ", they conclude in the Web page.

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