August 15, 2020

A camera installed in the villa of Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero broadcast live images through a web

A camera installed by the Civil Guard in the residence of Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero in Galapagar (Madrid) as a security measure was pirated and spread the images live through a web page with free access.

This was reported by Podemos to the Ministry of the Interior on October 17, as has advanced The country. The party knew about hack by capturing images of the device, which they received three days before putting the complaint. In these screens you could see the house of the couple.

According to the same newspaper, days before the details of the security operation that the Ministry of the Interior had launched in the house of the leader of Podemos and the spokesperson of the group in Congress had been leaked. The device included this hidden camera that allowed the surveillance of the house, something that also became known.

The source of the emission, which allowed to see the images in real time, was located on a server in Singapore, but the researchers could not identify the authors. To avoid a new attack, the Civil Guard had to reconfigure the device to include new security barriers.

Throughout 2018, after the media revealed the new residence of the couple, the chalet received various attacks, including painted and posters of various kinds, as the one placed by Vox youth.


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