July 30, 2021

A cakes out of the 'ring' in the great fight of the UFC – La Provincia

A cakes out of the 'ring' in the great fight of the UFC - La Provincia

The Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov this lightweight title of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the main mixed martial arts championship in the world, won by submission to the Irishman Conor McGregor this morning, in a battle marred by the pitched battle that took place at the end the four rounds that lasted the contest in Las Vegas (United States).

After two years of absence, McGregor returned to the octagonal in search of recovering the lost title. The fight could only last four rounds. The embarrassment started shortly after, when Nurmagomedov jumped out of the ring to attack components of the Irish team. The action originated a shameful tangana that finished with three members of the Russian team arrested and released early in the morning.

All this caused the judges decided to suspend the evening and decree that the Russian was the victor by submission, after applying a strangulation key that caused the surrender of his adversary. This allowed him to increase his unbeaten to 27-0.

"I saw one of Conor's men shouting at Khabib, Khabib ran and jumped from the octagon, went after him." Two of Khabib's men entered the octagon, a guy hit Conor from behindand that's it, "UFC president Dana White told a news conference.

A moment of the fight between both contenders in Las Vegas. AFP

In this regard, White confirmed that they are reviewing the recordings. "The Nevada State Athletic Commission gave us the images, an investigation is underway, they are withholding Khabib's award, not Conor's," he said. "Conor is one of the men who was attacked, and he refused to press charges." Three types of Khabib's team were detained and released, because Conor did not want to press charges, "he added.

After the fight, N urmagomedov apologized for the show at the T-Mobile Arena. "First of all, I want to apologize to the Nevada Athletic Commission, in Las Vegas, I know this was not right," he said before complaining about McGregor's behavior before the fight, which, according to him, warmed up the atmosphere among the two teams.

"He talks about my religion, he talks about my country, he talks about my father, he came to Brooklyn and he broke the bus – in which the Russian guy went – almost killed a couple of people. What about all this?" .


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