Fri. Apr 10th, 2020

A ‘Boom!’ Wolf, caught in Argentina by the closing of borders

The closure of borders imposed in most of the world by the health crisis that is being experienced by the coronavirus has caught thousands of people outside their home countries. Y
, one of The Wolves from
It is one of them. In fact, the ex-participant of the contest is confined to Argentina waiting for the return.

This has been stated by himself in
Public mirror,
where he pointed out that he was on a trip to the Latin American country when the border closings due to the health crisis due to the coronavirus broke out. In fact, he is currently in Buenos Aires waiting to return to Spain despite the fact that the total closure of the borders makes it impossible.

Erundino, member of Los Lobos.

Erundino, member of Los Lobos.
(Antenna 3)

“We are in quarantine, exactly the same as in Spain. Isolated and concerned because we don’t know when we will be able to return in a safe way and the news that reaches us from the embassy is not very hopeful in this regard, ”he pointed out to the morning program that Susanna Griso presents.

However, the latter has also pointed out that they are “convinced that they are passing a moment of saturation, that They will not forget us and sooner rather than later they will offer us a solution so that we can return to SpainWhich is where our biggest concerns are. ”

'Los Lobos' win the 'Boom!' Pot

‘Los Lobos’ win the ‘Boom!’ Pot

For this reason, despite his circumstances, he has not hesitated to be optimistic about his situation and has wanted to send “a message from courage, strength and absolute responsibility in the quarantine compliance, because it is the only way for us to get out of this situation in the best possible way ”, he sentenced.

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