July 23, 2021

A bodybuilder leaves his girlfriend in a coma in jealousy – The Province

A bodybuilder leaves his girlfriend in a coma in jealousy - The Province

An American bodybuilder has been in prison awaiting trial in Detroit for brutally beating his girlfriend. In an attack of jealousy, man he hit her for 40 minutes, broke a chair and stabbed her. She was in a coma and despite everything could recover days later, but now asks the judge to withdraw all charges against her boyfriend, as reported by Fox News.

The events occurred at the end of July, but this week, at the opening of the hearings before the judge, when the recording of the security cameras has come to light in different US chains. In them you can see how Paul Bashi, 35 years old, waiting half naked in the lobby of the common housing the arrival of his girlfriend, Kristina Perry, of 22.

WARNING: Images may hurt the reader's sensitivity).

She remains motionless on the ground and, despite this, the aggressor does not stop. She returns from the kitchen armed with a knife and stabs her several times. After the abuser He fled in his car abandoning it inside the house. The victim managed to crawl to the door to ask neighbors for help.

Your aggressor, PaulHe is already in prison. Kristina, the victim recovers after spending several days in a coma for the brutal beating. He does not want to continue with the complaint, but the Michigan Attorney's Office will act ex officio in search of justice.


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