A blackout again in the dark to Caracas and several regions of Venezuela

A blackout again in the dark to Caracas and several regions of Venezuela

A new untimely cut of electricity left this Friday in darkness to a good part of Caracas and to about ten of the 23 states of the oil country that this month have suffered several national blackouts.

Around 19.05, local time (23.05 GMT), there was an intermittence in the electric service for several seconds that ended up in some communities with a definite blackout of the light.

Until now the authorities do not pronounce themselves by this new cut, after that on Thursday the Government of Nicolás Maduro gave by surpassed the electrical problems that began Monday in almost all the country and practically paralyzed it during three days.

Social networks abound in user reports that after 19.00 local lost power in eastern states such as Anzoategui, north as Aragua, west as Zulia and those near Caracas: Vargas and Miranda.

Venezuela has registered blackouts for years that have become more frequent to the point that on the 7th there was a massive failure that kept the country practically in the dark until the government was able to control it five days later.

The Executive said then that a sabotage to the control room of the hydroelectric power station of Guri, the main one of the country, was the cause of the failure.

Maduro then directly blamed the United States and the Venezuelan opposition for "sabotage," asserting, in addition, that there had been "electromagnetic" attacks against the electrical system.

Then, when the blackout occurred, Chavismo again denounced sabotage and assured that the Guri suffered a long-range rifle attack.

The Venezuelan opposition has blamed the Maduro government for the failures in the system, assuring that the ineptitude and mismanagement of the millionaire resources destined to the electric sector were the real causes of the cut.


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