A bitter Christmas awaits more than 5,000 displaced people in Chiapas

A bitter Christmas awaits more than 5,000 displaced people in Chiapas

A bitter Christmas awaits more than 5,000 displaced people in the municipality of San Pedro Chalchiuitan, in the southeastern Mexican state of Chiapas, because of the inhumane conditions and the government's neglect, their representatives said today.

The displacement was caused by the activity of an armed group that triggered an escalation of violence with the assassination of comrade Samuel Luna Girón in October 2017, reported Ausencio Pérez Paciencia at a press conference.

The murder and the activity of the armed group exacerbated a conflict with the neighboring municipality of San Pedro Chenalhó over the dispute over several thousand hectares, he said.

He recalled that this paramilitary group ambushed Luna Girón in October 2017 and then fired at the homes of neighbors of nine communities, who were forced to flee to the mountains to protect themselves.

60% of the more than 5,023 displaced are women, girls, children and the elderly who suffer from lack of food, shelter and medicines this season, said Pérez Paciencia.

Of the total displaced, 3,786 were forced to return to their homes, although during the night they leave to take refuge in other places for fear of being attacked again by the armed group, he explained.

Another 1,237 people remain in 10 camps without the government of the state of Chiapas having complied with the recommendation issued by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to protect them.

Marcos Pérez Gómez, counselor of the committee of displaced persons, stressed that the displaced people of Chalchihuitán live in inhuman conditions with a lot of fear, with a lot of tension.

"They do not live in peace because they do not have food, and we have made arrangements so that the Government Secretariat (of Chiapas) fulfills its commitment to help them while the shooting continues throughout the day," he added.

The invaders of the lands abandoned by the displaced are protected by the paramilitaries.

"We ask for the definitive solution of the problem and we ask for a dignified return, dismantling of the paramilitaries, knowing where the resources they are coming from come from, to the federal government to take up the case because the state authorities are becoming ignorant and do not attend anything," he added.

In the agrarian conflict between the two municipalities, the Agrarian Court ruled in favor of San Pedro Chenalho, for which an agreement would be made to compensate the inhabitants of San Pablo Chalchiuitan, explain its inhabitants.

Then an agreement was made by which any municipality that came to lose would be recognized with the amount of 15 million pesos ($ 752,256) but it turns out that the sentence was misinterpreted.

"Now we are still very worried, the problem continues after accusing us of spending 15 million pesos that we have not seen," he added.

Representatives of the Committee of Internal Forced Displaced Chalchihuitle demanded a solution, the dismantling of the paramilitary group and the safe return to their communities where they wish to return to cultivate their plots since their lands are now occupied by the invaders.

They hold the municipal, state and federal authorities responsible for any aggression suffered by the displaced.


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