A barraquito for those affected by the La Palma volcano

Several hospitality businesses in the Region of Murcia have joined an initiative that aims to replace their Asian coffee with the Canarian barraquito for two weeks. All the benefits, his best forecasts point to 10,000 euros, will go to the employees of the restaurants of La Palma that have been affected by the eruption of the Tajogaite volcano.

Such an everyday gesture in the Western Isles, entering a coffee shop and have a little bar, will become for two weeks in the Region of Murcia in an act of solidarity with those affected by the Cumbre Vieja volcano eruption. The president of the Barista Association (Asbaremur), David Mazón, and the creative Jorge Martínez, with experience in social projects, they lead an action that invites the Murcian hospitality industry to substitute for 15 days Asian coffee, the flagship of the coffee making from the Region of Murcia, by the barraquito, with very similar characteristics, to unite both territories.

Taking as a starting point the slogan Ask for a little bar, asks to help, the promoters of this idea – the platform of hoteliers in the area, the Hospitality of Spain and the Murcia Tourism Institute – want to do their bit to combat the devastating effects of the volcanic eruption that originated the last September 19.

The challenge is to raise 10,000 euros in the first half of December to be managed through the Regional Federation of Hospitality and Tourism and Hospitality Entrepreneurs of Spain, so that the funds reach the hospitality entrepreneurs of La Palma directly affected by the volcano. In addition, another way of collaborating has been created, through a zero row that receives donations, starting from one euro, through an account opened by HoyTú exclusively to help the community of hoteliers affected by the volcano.

Mazón points out that they want to “try to get a significant amount of money to help our colleagues who are having a hard time,” encouraging Murcian hoteliers so that people “replace our Asian coffee with barraquito”

For this reason, the president of Asbaremur highlights the affection and professionalism with which the baristas make each coffee, and has thanked the participation of the businessmen and hoteliers of the Region of Murcia and the “generosity” of the coffee companies that have joined to the initiative for donation.

In this sense, he insists that “more establishments can still be added” to a project that “emerged in my bar, talking to friends,” to see how they could generate these resources for Isla Bonita. “Everything that was in the air could be satisfied when the publicist Jorge Martínez crossed our path”, highlights the barista.

Similar characteristics

The barista describes that to serve these barraquitos in Murcia the “wonderful” cup of Asian coffee will be used, adding condensed milk, liquor, the extraction of coffee and “a little emulsified milk.” To this “we add a touch of cinnamon and lemon”, being a combination “very similar to our Asian coffee”, but with the exception that it does not include brandy, which is a characteristic of Murcia.

To promote the consumption of the barraquito there are coasters designed for the occasion, and with which it is also intended to make visible the cafes and bars that join the project to demonstrate “the region of solidarity that we are,” emphasizes David Mazón.

In this way, the almost 2,000 kilometers that separate the island of La Palma from the Murcia region in a straight line are reduced to a simple drink with which it is intended to stir consciences through the request of a coffee in any bar, restaurant or Murcian cafeteria, a region with a great coffee tradition, which has “enlisted” in this call for La Palma.

Mazón has been joined by publicist Jorge Martínez, who highlights a local tradition, which he said “has Asian coffee as its emblem.” Regarding this plan, he commented that it will allow two lands to be twinned, “and to do it in addition to a drink that we drink daily and to which we do not give the value.”

Martínez indicates that “it is a different way of being able to establish an emotional relationship” between the inhabitants of the Region of Murcia and the people of La Palma, “at a time when we are all feeling a lot of empathy with the people who are suffering this disaster natural, “he added, being also” a way of helping “in which all the hoteliers” are leaning their shoulders to help their colleagues. ”

The creative also values ​​that this is something that has managed to bring together many groups, “but that arises from David Mazón”, counting on “the generosity and support of brands that have made the project possible.” Ask for a barraquito, ask for help, it will be activated during the La Inmaculada bridge, although “there are already many people asking for the barraquitos,” adds Jorge Martínez, who praises that “I hope we have to extend it for more days” due to the success it has among Murcian people. In addition, he emphasizes that “it is not only about raising funds, it is also about raising awareness so that Murcians find a bond of solidarity in coffee.”

The little barracks

The barraquito from the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, also known in some areas as zaperoco, is a very popular sweet coffee drink. It is often served in layers, thanks to the different densities of its ingredients, which are, from the lowest to the highest, condensed milk, liqueur, espresso and foamed milk. It is served in a medium or tall glass, and garnished with cinnamon powder and lemon or lime zest. The liqueur is usually Licor 43, a sweet product flavored with forty-three spices, or Tía María, which is a Jamaican coffee liqueur with a light touch of vanilla. There is also a version without alcohol. To prepare it, each waiter has his own recipe, although the most widespread one introduces the condensed milk into the glass first, and in order, the liquor, coffee, milk, sprinkled with cinnamon and lemon. If you want to do it in layers, follow this same order, according to their relative densities, and stabilize them with the help of a spoon,


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