Fri. Apr 10th, 2020

A Barça player breaks Messi’s record in the toilet paper challenge

Leo Messi was news again a few days ago because pulverized the record of # 10toqueschallenge, the viral challenge that has become popular during the confinement due to the Covid-19 pandemic and that consists of giving 10 taps with the foot having the roll of toilet paper as the protagonist.

The FC Barcelona crack made 20 touches, that is, ten more than necessary to overcome the challenge. Now, another player from the FC Barcelona factory, but who is not from the soccer section, has surpassed the Argentine striker.

The young Abraham Palma Sánchez, emerged from the ice hockey categories of Barça, has shared in the Challenges of La Vanguardia Readers, a video in which he makes 26 taps with the stick and in which toilet paper is the protagonist in a very particular way.

Abraham, performing the touches of the toilet paper challenge at home with the stick and a disc.

Abraham, performing the touches of the toilet paper challenge at home with the stick and a disc.
(Abraham Palma Sánchez / @ abraham_15official)

In this case, Abraham uses toilet paper as an original support to start his spectacular Stay Home Challenge with the help of the stick, which is his thing in an ice hockey player, while Messi used his soccer player weapon: the touches with the foot.

In the video shared by Abraham, there are six more touches with the stick than the Argentine crack managed to do with the foot. The ice hockey player performs his challenge with a smaller surface — the puck — and more difficult to control with the stick than the roll of toilet paper.

Abraham is a product of the FC Barcelona factory, like Messi, although in different sports. In 2018, he decided to take a leap in his professional career, at just 14 years old, in two of the countries where ice hockey is most popular: first, Canada, and then the United States.

Although he does not have the global impact of Messi, the young player has more than 33,000 followers on his Instagram account (@ abraham_15official).


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