A "baby" Trump unleashes tension between supporters and supporters of the president

A "baby" Trump unleashes tension between supporters and supporters of the president

A giant balloon with the figure of the US president, Donald Trump, in diapers unleashed the tension today in Houston, where followers of the president in red caps and supporters of the Democrats exchanged insults, with the police in the middle and the press observing.

An activist, who identified herself as Annie, promoter of the "weeping baby Trump," explained to Efe that the motive of her proposal is to denounce the policies of the president and of one of the senators for Texas, the Republican Ted Cruz, who appears in a few weeks to reelection.

"We are here because we do not tolerate the attack to the civil rights on the part of the republicans, especially, in matters like the public health that has drastic consequences", added.

Among the people accompanying Annie, some wore t-shirts with the slogan "Black Lives Matter" (the lives of blacks matter), while others carried banners against the government's immigration policies or favor of the DACA program, whose termination threatens hundreds of young Latinos with deportation.

In front of them an opposite mentality, with praises to the isolationist ideas of the Republican Party, ridicule towards the democratic followers or references to racist groups like the Ku Klux Klan.

The tension between these two groups contrasted with the calm with which thousands of people waited patiently to access the Toyota Center in Houston, with capacity for 18,000 seats, and witness live the rally that Trump had promised to offer in Texas to support the race of Cross.

The red color predominated over any other, accompanied by innumerable American flags and slogans like "Finish the Wall" or the now famous "Let's make the United States great again".

"I do not care if Donald Trump is a feminist or not, I just want my country's economy to be good and there should be more security, and that can not be better now with him as president," a young supporter told Efe. the doors of the pavilion.

"The most important thing is the economy, if there is no work or the taxes are too high, why do we want everything the Democrats propose?" Said another young man, who, like his companion, did not want to reveal his name.

Inside, people waited for the appearance of the president with constant shouts of "USA, USA," (US acronym), while struggling to get posters, hats or any marketing product of the president's campaign .

This meeting has been the subject of comments on social networks by critics of the Republican Party, since at the start of the race for the legislative elections on November 6, Trump promised to organize "an event in the largest stadium in Texas" to support Cruz.

At first, the chosen scenario was a facility attached to the NRG stadium, with a capacity for 8,000 people, although later it was changed to the headquarters of the NBA franchise Houston Rockets, whose track is the sixth largest in the state.

Precisely this morning began in Texas the early voting for the elections that will decide one of the Texas posts to the Senate, the office of governor and other legislative representatives.

The polls give Cruz a clear advantage over his rival, Democratic congressman El Paso (Texas) Beto O'Rourke, with a distance of 5 to 9 points depending on the reports.

However, the liberal has become one of the most prominent figures within his party, thanks, in part, to the raising of $ 60 million for his campaign to the US House of Representatives.

The Secretary of the State of Texas announced that 15.6 million voters have registered for these legislative elections and that, during the last four elections of these characteristics, they finally voted between 33.6% and 38% of those registered.

José Miguel Pascual Labrador


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