A baby that his mother abandoned for six days to celebrate his birthday dies of hunger

In December 2019, Verphy Kudi decided to leave his 20 month old daughter alone at her home in Brighton, UK, with no food or drink to go out to celebrate her 18th birthday. The celebration lasted for 6 days, when the mother returned home the baby no longer woke up. British social services are investigating which protocols failed.

According to 'Daily Mail', mother and daughter lived together in a social housing block run by a charity and intended to house young and vulnerable families with the help of the city council. However, social services did not realize that the baby could be in danger. Now they are investigating which protocols might have failed.

The building's security cameras recorded how the young woman left and returned days later. When he returned, Kudi called the emergency services alerting that his daughter would not wake up and was transferred to a nearby hospital where they could only certify her death. The autopsy revealed that the little girl died of hunger and thirst and that she had also developed a flu during the time the mother was away.

The autopsy revealed that the girl died of hunger and thirst, and that she had also developed the flu during the time the mother was away.

Social services are investigating what protocols or controls might have failed. The building where both resided has staff to serve vulnerable families, however, workers do not enter the common areas or apartments and do not carry out regular inspections.

A year and a half later, Kudi has appeared in court and has pleaded guilty of a crime of involuntary manslaughter since the cause of her daughter's death was attributed to a negligence.


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