A baby spider monkey, an endangered species, is born at the Barcelona Zoo

A specimen of spider monkey, an endangered species

A specimen of spider monkey, an endangered species

A baby spider monkey, an endangered species, was born in the Barcelona Zoo. The calf, which was born last January and whose sex is not yet known, is in perfect health and is being protected at all times by her mother, Emi.

As reported this Saturday by the Barcelona Zoo, the role of the mother is very important at this time for the rest of the females in the group, who can observe and learn how he is taking care of the young. Currently at the Barcelona Zoo there is a family group made up of a male, Sito, three adult females, one of them elderly, and four younger females, born between 2016 and 2019.

The spider monkey is a critically endangered species according to the red list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature; and Barcelona Zoo actively participates in the European Endangered Species Program (EPP), coordinated by the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA). The current population of this species in captivity consists of 69 individuals: 32 males, 35 females and 2 not yet sexed, distributed among 16 institutions.

EEPs are European programs that have the function of ensuring the survival and good condition of a self-sustaining population of endangered species, through which the conservation education and promote support for conservation activities that take place in the natural environment. This population also serves as a reserve to make possible the reinforcement of natural populations and the reintroduction of the species in their natural habitat, when circumstances permit.

The natural population of this species, which lives in the jungles of northern South America, is decreasing in a worrying way and in the last 45 years it has been reduced by 80%. The main threats suffered by the species, native to South America, are the deforestation of the tropical forest and poaching, since its meat is highly appreciated in many regions of its geographical area.


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