A baby from China survives after being thrown by her father on a cliff

A baby from China survives after being thrown by her father on a cliff

A newborn Chinese girl survived after falling 70 meters to the void on a cliff, when thrown by her father, who allegedly acted in that way because he did not want another daughter, local press reported today.

The girl survived thanks to fell on a tree, which was hung for about ten hours, until it was found and rescued by police in the municipality of Magui, in the province of Guandong (south of the country).

The staff of the hospital where the baby was born alerted the police when they realized he had disappeared and, after questioning the father, he confessed that he had taken her to a cliff, put her in a plastic bag and thrown her into the void. .

The father told the police that he did not want another daughter because he already had two.

The man was arrested and the police began a search to save the girl. "The main problem was that the cliff was very steep and densely forested," said Feng Youshi, deputy head of the Magui police station.

It was precisely the density of the foliage that caused the girl not to suffer serious injuries, falling on the tree.

After spending one night in the hospital under observation, the baby was taken home by her mother.

China's strict birth policy of the only child, abolished two years ago, caused thousands of girls to be abandoned for decades, as many families preferred to have children as daughters, since traditionally they leave home when they get married and leave their parents alone


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