February 25, 2021

A $ AP Rocky, released pending a final sentence

A court of Stockholm has released Friday the American rapper A $ AP Rocky, in pretrial detention for almost a month for aggression in a street fight, waiting for issue a judgment within twelve days.

The decision of the court does not imply that the rapper and his two companions, charged with the same charge, will be acquitted, but points out that in case of conviction, it would be conditional or a lesser jail sentence.

The ruling has come after a ten-hour marathon session on the third day of a trial that has had international repercussion, having interceded for the rapper, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, the president of the United States, Donald Trump.

The prosecutor asked the defendants for six months in prison for aggression in a normal degree with aggravating disregard, being three against one and using a bottle as a weapon, a penalty that may be somewhat greater for Mayers for having thrown to the ground and stepped on the victim .

The rapper's defense, dressed in a suit and not in prison clothes as on other occasions, and his companions asked for his acquittal and release considering that the prosecutor could not prove that they acted in a coordinated manner or that they attacked him with a bottle.

The use of the bottle was one of the central elements of the accusation, but the two young women who witnessed the aggression and declared today could not ensure that they saw the defendants hit the victim with it, who suffered cuts in the forearms, fracture of A rib and bruises on the face.

Mayers had stated yesterday that he threw the victim to the ground, stepped on his arm and "He pushed or punched him" to reduce it after feeling threatened and said he wanted to avoid the confrontation and acted in self-defense.

"He is very happy, really happy", his lawyer, Slobodan Jovicic, said at a press conference that the release does not imply that he has been acquitted and that there is now "a two-week wait with nerves."

Jovicic did not want to reveal if his client left Sweden before the sentence, or if he would resume his interrupted tour, although he assured that during his stay in prison he has written several songs.

Trump said, however, in a tweet minutes after hearing the ruling that Mayers will return to the United States.

"That the preventive detention has been lifted means that the court believes that there is no reason for them to remain in prison. I will not speculate whether they will be acquitted or convicted," prosecutor Daniel Suneson said in a statement.

The fight came on June 30 in the center of Stockholm, two days before his performance at a festival in the Swedish capital.

The arrest of Mayers, arrested at the end of the concert and who went to pretrial detention two days later, unleashed a wave of solidarity on social networks in his favor, with messages of support from stars such as Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber, which followed Trump's intervention before the Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Lövfen.

The Swedish executive has repeatedly recalled that the precept of judicial independence governs in the country and that, therefore, neither can nor will intervene in a process.

Trump then raised the tone, accused Löfven of inoperance through his Twitter account and added that Sweden "has left the African-American community in the lurch."

At the trial, which was also attended by the rapper's mother, a special US envoy was present in hostage cases, EFE report.

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