A 9-year-old girl dies and her uncle is seriously injured after an electrocution in the Jerte River

The man was transferred to the Virgen del Puerto hospital in Plasencia and later to the La Paz hospital in Madrid.

Unfortunate accident in the town of Galisteo in Cáceres. A 9-year-old girl has died and her 44-year-old uncle has been seriously injured this afternoon in the Jerte River, next to the bridge of the picnic area in the town of Cáceres.

Everything indicates that the event occurred around 5:00 p.m. during fishing practice, when the guy threw the rod in the middle of the river and must have hit some high-tension cables, producing what is known as an arc electrical and both the man and his niece have been electrocuted. The woman of the wounded man managed to pull a limb of the electrocuted man and took him to the shore and when she wanted to go for her niece, she had already disappeared due to the current.

The 112 Extremadura announced at first that the man was transferred to the Virgen del Puerto hospital in Plasencia and, later, to the reference center for burns, the La Paz hospital in Madrid in a SES helicopter. In addition, the niece was also missing who, unfortunately, was found dead near where they found her uncle, next to the bridge of the picnic area. SEPEI firefighters from Plasencia and Cáceres, together with members of Civil Protection, were the ones who found the body in a muddy area of ​​the river. The parents of her minor, residents in Madrid, were notified when they were still looking for her.

The search for the minor was carried out both by land and by the Jerte River with several zodiacs of civil protection and firefighters. The mayor of Galisteo issued a municipal decree in the afternoon for the neighbors to help in the search for the minor in an accessible area of ​​the river.

In addition to the firefighters and civil protection, crews from the SES, the Red Cross, an Infoex helicopter and the Civil Guard also traveled to the scene.

Fishing and electrocution

Unfortunately, this type of sports accident is not the first time it has happened. In 2014 a man died in Ciudad Real for the same reason and a young 28-year-old fisherman received an electric shock in 2012 when he touched his rod with a power line cable in the Zapatón River, in the town of Villar del Rey.

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