July 11, 2020

A 77-year-old man “hunting pokemon”, among the 664 fines yesterday in Madrid for breaching a state of alarm

As reported to Europa Press by municipal sources, on the 22nd 664 sanction proposals were registered, with Puente de Vallecas being the district where there have been the most proposals, followed by Centro and Tetuán which are on par. In addition, they arrested one person in Moncloa for resisting police indications and intercepted five vehicles.

Among the most curious anecdotes, the fine filed against a 77-year-old man on a street in the Latina district yesterday at 1.30 p.m. According to the part that has been published on social networks and confirmed to a Europa Press by a spokeswoman for the Municipal Police, the man told the agents that he remained on the street because “he was hunting pokemons”, a well-known virtual game.


To punish these behaviors, the police can resort to article 36.6 of the Citizen Security Law, which regulates serious infractions, with fines of between 601 and 30,000 euros, and in its sixth point contemplates sanctions for: “Disobedience or resistance to the authority or its agents in the exercise of their functions, when they do not constitute a crime, as well as the refusal to identify themselves at the request of the authority or its agents or the allegation of false or inaccurate data in the identification processes. “

The Penal Code also establishes in its article 556 prison terms of three months to one year or six to 18 months of fine for those who “seriously resist or disobey the authority or its agents in the exercise of their functions, or duly identified private security personnel who carry out private security activities in cooperation and under the command of the Security Forces and Bodies. “

The aforementioned article of the Penal Code also refers to article 550, which regulates the crime of attacks against the authority, its agents and public officials, and of resistance and disobedience.


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