A 44-year-old woman, stabbed to death by her ex-partner in Huesca | Society

A 44-year-old Senegalese woman, mother of two and neighbor of Monzón (Huesca), was murdered on Sunday, apparently by her ex-partner, who has already been arrested, sources at the Government Delegation in Aragon have confirmed. The detainee is also of Senegalese origin and neighbor of the Huesca town of Binéfar.

As reported by the Civil Guard of Huesca, the death would have been caused by stab wounds. The judicial police of Huesca has taken charge of the case. According to Radio Huesca, the murdered woman had two young children. For the time being, it is unknown if the woman had reported him for mistreatment and if he had some kind of protective measure.

The Government of Aragon has tweeted a message condemning the murder, which has been described as macho violence. "All society must be involved in the eradication of this scourge." Precisely today, November 25, is celebrated the International Day against Violence against Women, against which thousands of people have demonstrated in several Spanish cities.

The director of the Aragonese Institute for Women, Natalia Salvo, has expressed her rejection of this murder and the violence against women that she has described as "the most serious problem" that society has at the moment.

Unless it has appealed to the whole society to be involved in the fight against gender violence, against which the Government of Aragon is committed to continue working to eradicate this scourge.

Gender violence "weighs us down as a society and weighs down democracy, which can not be full while half of it lives insecure and at risk only because of being a woman," he concluded.

If confirmed that it is gender violence, this would be the victim are 45 so far this yearin Spain at the hands of their partners or ex-partners, in total 973 since January 1, 2003, when they began to be counted.

The number of assistance to victims of gender violence is the 016. It leaves no trace on the phone bill, although it must be removed from the call log.


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