A 4.3 earthquake is felt throughout La Palma

The 24-hour monitoring volcanic surveillance network of the National Geographic Institute (IGN) has located a total of 42 earthquakes associated with the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano, a dozen of them with magnitudes greater than 3 (mbLg).

The maximum magnitude recorded was 4.3 (mbLg) corresponding to the earthquake located southwest of the municipality of Villa de Mazo at 04.10 hours. With intensity IV EMS and a depth of 35 km, it was felt in numerous centers throughout the island.

Two more earthquakes of 3.2 and 3.4 magnitude were also felt, with intensities II and III, located at 05.56 and 08.12 hours northeast of the municipality of Fuencaliente and southwest of Villa de Mazo, 11 and 12 kilometers deep.

Yesterday 90 earthquakes were located, the largest of 4.6 mbLg, the maximum magnitude recorded to date, which occurred in the southwest of the municipality of Villa de Mazo at 5:41 am. With intensity III-IV EMS and a depth of 37 km, this tremor was also felt in almost the entire island.


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