May 14, 2021

A 35-year-old man with COVID-19 and dengue dies in Thailand

A 35-year-old man infected with COVID-19 and who also suffered from dengue has died in Thailand, where he could become the first mortal victim of the coronavirus in the Asian country, authorities said Sunday.

The man, who died the day before, was one of two Thais in serious condition of the 42 infected with the coronavirus and had been admitted since January 27, detailed in a press conference in Bangkok responsible for the Ministry of Health.

The deceased, “who worked with tourists”, entered the hospital diagnosed with dengue and later the coronavirus was detected.

Despite the fact that on February 16 he had given a negative of COVID-19, the man continued in the hospital since the treatment had “greatly weakened his organs”, which may have been the cause of his death, health officials said .

The Ministry of Health, however, acknowledged in a statement that it has not yet been able to determine what was the direct cause of death.


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