A 27-year-old girl, the first case of coronavirus in Aragon

A 27-year-old girl who had traveled to Milan (Italy) has recently tested positive for a coronavirus test in Aragon and is at her home in Zaragoza with mild catarrhal symptoms, as reported by the Government of Aragon.

The General Directorate of Public Health of the Government of Aragon has activated the protocol of action against possible cases of coronavirus after this positive and the National Center for Microbiology in Majadahonda (Madrid) will practice the confirmation test in the coming hours.

The Aragonese Minister of Health, Pilar Ventura, and the General Director of Public Health, Francisco Javier Falo, are scheduled to appear at 10.30 am to report this case.

Public Health keeps updated its protocol of action in Aragon, as established by the Ministry of Health which, in turn, is carrying out the actions proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Disease Control Center and Commission European (ECDC).

Likewise, coordination meetings are held daily with the General Directorate of Healthcare and the Aragonese Health Service to update the available information and coordinate the necessary actions.

The Government of Aragon points out that given the global epidemiological situation, there is a high probability that people infected with coronavirus will arrive in Spain, so that, according to the estimates of the European Center for Disease Control, the risk of outbreaks similar to that It is taking place in Italy, in other European countries, it is considered moderate-high.


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