A 25-ton dragon revives children's emotions in Temudas – La Provincia

A dragon of 25 tons and 20 meters, relives the illusions and childhood fears in the Santa Catalina Park with two performances this Saturday and Sunday at 9.00 pm, within the 23rd edition of the Festival of Theater, Music and Dance.

It's about the show Dragonautes, of the French company Planète Vapeur, which performs for the first time in the Canary Islands, and which presents a staging in which the great monumentality of the dragon is mixed with a group of actors who play fantastic characters, half men and half beasts, and who will be guarded by the batucada Gran Canaria Samba Isleña.

The objective "is to take up the imaginary that we have all had in our childhood and see how it meets again with the reality in which we live," he said. director of this street theater show, Pierre-Loic Laine, during the performance. With this idea, the French company aims to return to the public "this illusion of childhood" but warns, at the same time, "that is a kind dragon and, at the same time, disturbing that can create panic and different emotions of beauty and surprise the viewer. " Laine made the remarks in a presentation in which she was accompanied by the director of the Theater, Music and Dance Festival, Marisol García, and the artistic direction assistant Françoise Izac.

The director he highlighted the exclusive participation of the batucada Samba Isleña, whose members for one day will become actors under a dramaturgy, "something that will also serve to broaden their artistic experience".


"When we are children we have the imaginary very present, but as adults we have to face reality and the show serves to open the window to this imaginary," said Laine. The proposal, therefore, is like "two worlds that can be found, on the one hand the imaginary world and on the other the current one". In this way strange beings appear from a place that we do not know if it has existed or not, with the intention of "bringing them into a relationship with current existence and through a catharsis in which two universes are found".

The dragon is an eternal creature, symbol of mythology par excellence, that travels through time and cultures. With Dragonautes, a dragon will burst into the city, for about two hours, like a fantastic hallucination. Its design of bones and leather also makes visible its complex mechanical body. When his throat roars, his big head opens his mouth and passes over the audience.

During the tour, the mysterious dragon imposes itself, shows its sharp teeth and its breath comes out in the form of smoke generating great expectation among the youngest of the family.

"I hate children's shows or for adults very light type Disney", assured the director. "Here we try to return to the public the dream of childhood but with a dragon that can create emotions that are not sugary," he said. For his part, Françoise Izac, said that it is an iron dragon with all the hydraulic system that needs a mechanism of these dimensions, but that moves like a great puppet. "The handling is very complicated and the operators have to look at the heights and widths, and the hydraulic movement of the neck is complicated but very safe."

During the montage, the story unfolds in such a way that the mythological animal rises ten meters above the ground showing its brute strength but is captured by a horde of fantastic characters. They are beings from another world, equipped with breastplates and furs, some with stilts to more easily reach the beast, S and others from the ground.

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