October 28, 2020

A 22-year-old woman dies of a brain tumor without being able to receive treatment

The late Lidia González

The late Lidia González

Lidia González, only 22 years old, he died two months later without having received any treatment and awaiting results that did not arrive. “The only thing I ask for my daughter is justice”says Lidia García, the girl’s mother. “We are not going to give it back, but we ask for justice because this has been a shame. We have knocked on all the doors that we could to let it be known because this cannot happen to anyone again”.

As reported by El Norte de Castilla, Lidia worked as a dental hygienist and lived in Palencia. It was in the month of May, in full confinement, when he began to notice the first symptoms. In Emergencies She was referred directly to the Valladolid Clinic where, with evidence that she had a large tumor on the left side of her brain, they decided to operate on her as soon as possible. On May 14, she was operated on after spending 10 days in hospital without being able to receive any visitors.

From there they sent her home for the Recovery while waiting for a biopsy of the excised tumor. His family were promised that “the results would take only a few days.” Two months later and without knowing anything about the results or the treatment to follow, Lidia passed away.

It is not the first case of a woman who dies in these circumstances, as were those of Lidia Bayona and Sonia Sainz de la Maza, also from Burgos.


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