June 19, 2021

A 21-year-old trainer with leukemia, the fifth victim in Malaga

The young Francisco García was the coach of a children’s team in the Andalusian city

Now what do we do without you, Francis? If you were always with us on the Cover or where it was necessary, helping. How are we going to continue conquering kilometers in the league? We don’t know how, but we will surely do it for you. We will not forget you, rest in peace, phenomenon. Until always ”, Atlético Portada Alta has written on the networks when he reported the death of his trainer, Francisco García, 21 years old alone and who, at the time they discovered that he was positive for coronavirus, also had leukemia.

“Very good kid and a very successful coach. We are still in shock, they called me at 19:00 on Sunday saying that he was stabilized after being admitted on Friday. And an hour later … The coronavirus and a bad thing came together … I’m not believing it, I don’t believe it, it seems impossible to me, “the club president told Malaga today.

From the authorities it is repeated that if he had only had the coronavirus, he would not have died, but he was part of the risk group as he had very aggressive leukemia.

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