May 18, 2021

A 2018 full of successes for Spanish women's football | sports

A 2018 full of successes for Spanish women's football | sports

"In the lower categories we are getting used to people reaching the finals … and it's not easy either," reflected Toña Is a month ago, just before taking off for Uruguay to play the U-17 World Cup. It was a premonitory phrase. His goal was to improve the third place of the 2016 World Cup in Jordan. He has achieved this night in Montevideo defeating Mexico 2-1 with a double by Claudia Pina, one of the stars of the tournament.

The girls of Toña Is –the majority plays in Second- they have doubled: the Euro Cup won in May now adds the World Cup. The first for Spanish women's football. They have achieved this thanks to a large group guided by the experience of Cata Coll, the enormous quality of Claudia Pina, the claw of the indefatigable Eva Navarro (habitual of the sub-20 with which they disputed the World-wide one of August) and to the soccer of Irene Lopez.

The triumph in Uruguay is the culmination of a year full of successes. In addition to the already mentioned double of the sub-17; the sub-19 won the European Championship in July Y the U-20 team played the final of the World Cup in August. He could not against Japan – the Asian countries are, together with the United States and Germany, the women's soccer powers – against which he lost 1-3, but it was discovered to the world. The prize for good work in the lower categories that work with the same game pattern. Spain has 25 times fewer licenses than Germany, for example, (less than 50,000 for more than one million) and, nevertheless, manages to build competitive teams.

The key, according to Toña Is, is also in the clubs. "They are working in a great way: when we receive the girls here, it shows that they are tactically worked. With that you already advance a lot, is the fundamental part. They have good coaches, media: we have taken a leap in quality. Link the female sections to professional teams, also, has given us life, "explained the coach before the World Cup in Uruguay. From there it will return with the first World Cup for Spanish women's football that closes 2018 in the best way. The national team awaits its turn for 2019. On June 7 starts the World Cup in France which was classified winning all matches.

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