August 5, 2021

9×05: 'The Walking Dead': this has been the farewell of Andrew Lincoln | TV

9x05: 'The Walking Dead': this has been the farewell of Andrew Lincoln | TV

The Walking Dead He is already walking for his ninth season, a long time for a series that became the most watched on American television but now lives low in terms of audience and popularity. However, the zombies are still pulling enough for their leaders to insist on giving it a new twist to try to refloat the ship before it sinks completely. With five episodes already aired, the current batch of episodes already shows changes from previous ones, with a different tone, more focused on the characters than on their big plans. An example has been the 9×05, episode that, as had already announced their managers, has served as a farewell to Rick Grimes of the series. The protagonist, Andrew Lincoln, leaves The Walking Dead, although we must point out this statement … The chapter has been broadcast in Spain at the same time that in the US and Fox re-issues it tonight (22.00). EYE: This article contains spoilers of 9×05 of The Walking Dead.

In the previous episode we left Rick stuck in a rusty stick that runs through his body and with a lot of zombies stalking him, with very poor prospects of escape. But of course, this is The Walking Dead and Rick is Rick, and he manages to escape using his belt and pulling himself up (can a man like that really get out of a situation like that?). Throughout the entire chapter, Rick will be between dreams and reality, sleeping and re-awakening. He is losing a lot of blood and he has almost no strength, although he flees again and again from zombies, more and more zombies.

'The Walking Dead': this was the farewell of Andrew Lincoln

In that aimless flight, he first sees himself in the hospital bed where he started this story nine years ago. When he arrives at a cabin and sits down to rest a little, we recover another iconic image of the series: Rick on horseback crossing the empty Atlanta highway with his skyline at the bottom. There you will meet Shane dressed as a policeman. They joke about Rick's family. "Actually it would be mine," Shane replies. Laughter from friends. Shane invites you to wake up when the zombies are already on Rick in the cabin in the real world.

Next stop, at Hershel's farm, some scenes that the actor Scott Wilson He recorded shortly before he died. Rick continues to insist that he is looking for his family and Hershel also invites him to wake up. The protagonist continues on horseback with the zombies on his back crossing the woods for which so many laps have been given. He goes back to sleep and is now in the hospital. Behind the door that faces the street is a floor full of corpses, where Shasha stands (eye on those pitiful chromas that are already a hallmark of this series). Shasha tells him that he will not find his family because he is not lost and neither is he.

'The Walking Dead': this was the farewell of Andrew Lincoln

Again he wakes up, this time he's in a camp. He manages to flee from the zombies that come back to him. But Daryl, Michonne and the others come to the rescue. Embraced Michonne wakes up again, because yes, it was another new Rick's dream. The reality is that he is alone on the bridge. And the zombies keep coming. A large horde of zombies. The escape is complicated. But now his friends come to the rescue. Daryl tries to save time by throwing arrows at zombies. The rest run to the undead. But Rick decides to cut to the chase, shoots dynamite in the center of the bridge and flies it, before the helplessness of his friends and the tears of Daryl, Michonne and company.

But it is not the end of the chapter, and now we find Jadis who continues to negotiate his escape while the helicopter we have seen on previous occasions approaches. At that moment he notices that on the riverbank is the dying body of Rick, still moving, because neither an explosion nor have fallen into the river or have lost liters of blood or have been crossed by a stick from side to side You can finish him. The helicopter picks them up and the last time we see Rick is alive, with oxygen and not very bad looking on board the helicopter.

In the chapter it is not clear, but the news that has arrived after it has confirmed: this also has been the last episode of Maggie, that the last thing she has done is to kill Negan but to repent at the last moment when what is he finds, instead of an assassin without mercy, he is a collapsed man who asks to end his suffering to be reunited with his wife. The non-farewell of Lauren Cohan is rare, but leaves open the door to a return of the actress and the character in the future.

But this is not the end of the chapter either. And in an epilogue we find a new group of survivors surrounded by zombies. Shots save them, shots that come from … a girl in a cowboy hat: Judith Grimes. Because now we have taken a leap in time of several years, something that confirms the progress of the next episodes.

By the way, although it has been sold as the end of Rick, in reality this has been the farewell of the character in the series, but not the universe of The Walking Dead, since AMC has announced that Andrew Lincoln will be the protagonist of several films that will feature scripts by Scott Gimple. The first one will start shooting in 2019.


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