February 28, 2021

99% of the polling stations of the 14F maintain the “sufficient members” after the resources

The constitution of the polling stations on February 14 is one of the great concerns of the Generalitat, the electoral boards and the municipalities, especially after verifying that more than 20,000 people had presented appeals to excuse themselves. Once these requests have been resolved, 99% of the polling stations currently have at least three members, the minimum to be able to be constituted, according to data from the General Directorate of Electoral Participation and Processes.

The Government considers not publishing the results on F 14 if they cannot be constituted "a considerable number" tables

The Government considers not to publish the results on the 14F if “a considerable number” tables cannot be constituted

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The general director Ismael Peña-López has informed this Monday of the latest news about the avalanche of resources that thousands of people presented, most of them for having risky pathologies or living with sick people. Without specifying how many of them have been resolved, something that corresponds to the electoral boards, yes Peña-López has detailed that only 1.16% of the tables do not yet have at least three members.

However, this does not mean that the remaining 99% of those summoned have confirmed that they will attend school on Sunday, but that they have not appealed the summons or it has been denied.

Of those that in principle could be constituted, the general director also highlights that 65.78% would have all nine members of the table, the three holders and the six alternates. 1.08% have at least one replacement and 0.39 have the right members of the table. “With this, we could run the elections without problems. We continue working, but let us stop suffering ”, concluded Peña-López, who this Sunday affirmed that if it were the case that many tables could not be established – which would force to do so within 48 hours – They could consider not publishing results on F 14.

Since the high number of resources was known, the Electoral Board launched an alert due to the difficulty of setting up the polling stations and, a few days later, these and the City Councils they started looking for alternatives such as bags of volunteers or that the substitutes of some tables can go to others in need of staff.


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