Wed. Apr 8th, 2020

96.5% of the sentences on abusive clauses are favorable to the client

In June 2017, courts specialized in abusive clauses entered into operation. Since then, they have already resolved 41.3 percent of all issues entered since then. This is evidenced in a report prepared by the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) in which it is reflected that for the first time since its creation the number of pending issues experiences a decrease and the resolution rate is above one hundred percent. one hundred.

In data: The resolution rate at the national level has experienced an improvement and, from 82 percent of the first quarter of 2019, has increased to 118.4%, thus overcoming the one hundred percent barrier. Thus, since 2017, the resolution rate reaches 41.3%, which represents 6 percentage points more than in March (35.1%).

It should be remembered that these specialized courts deal with matters that relate, among others, to land clauses, early maturity, default interest, mortgage formalization expenses or multi-currency mortgages.

How many pending issues remain in court?

Until June of this year, the number of issues pending resolution was 255,247, which represents a reduction of 2.25 percent over the 261,122 issues that remained unresolved on March 31. In this way, the upward trend is changed and for the first time since they came into operation, pending issues decrease.

Aragon and Asturias, the most advantageous

The resolution rate has improved in twelve autonomous communities, according to data collected by the CGPJ, but it is especially in Aragon and Asturias where the courts have resolved 234.6% and 237.3%, respectively, of matters related to the abusive clauses.

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