91% of young Spaniards have suffered some network misunderstanding - La Provincia

The91% of Spaniardsbetween the ages of 18 and 34, he stateshave had at least one misunderstanding through social networksor talking on the mobile and 41% of them have felt that their relationships get cold after these.

This is reflected in the study, 'McCafé: conversations 2.0 VS real conversations' conducted by McDonald's in collaboration with Ipsos, which stated thathow much younger the users are, the more prominence mobile phones and social networks have in their livesand, therefore, suffer a greater number of misunderstandings. In addition, the study has specified that 32 percent of Spanish youth estimates that more than 70% of their conversations occur at a distance.

Taking into account the prominence of social networks, nowadaysn 47% of conversations occur onlineand therefore this causes aincreased risk of misunderstanding, which means that 77% of Spanish society has ever suffered them, of which 57 are carried out by the relationships between friends. Relationships are closely followed.

However, cthe older the ageof those interviewed in the study,lower is the percentageof misunderstandings suffered. Even so, this "continues to be significant" in adults between the ages of 35 and 44, of which 80% have reported having suffered a misunderstanding. In the case of those over 45, this percentage is reduced to 65.

The director of Marketing at McDonald's Spain, Natalia Echeverria, said that "the results of the study are revealing sincenine out of ten Spaniards consider that speaking in person is the most effective way to communicate".

In this sense, Echeverria has stated that "we live in an era in which most of ourconversations occur remotely"and added that for McDonald's" interpersonal relationships are enriched when moments of truth are shared. "


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