May 14, 2021

90,000 soldiers and almost 11,000 interventions in the fight against Covid-19

A total of 89,780 military personnel have participated to date in the almost 11,000 interventions carried out in 1,207 towns within Operation Balmis, developed by the Armed Forces in response to the coronavirus pandemic that affects Spain.

Among the tasks carried out, which since April 1 exceed 500 a day, 1,124 supports have been totaled to hospitals, 667 to health centers and 558 to social centers, which include places for the treatment of disabled people, reintegration, and support for homeless people and dependents, the Ministry of Defense has reported in a statement.

A total of 3,483 actions have been recorded in elderly residences, of which 3,370 have included the disinfection of these centers, and 752 have taken place in dependencies of the Public Administration (Civil Guard and National Police facilities, Courts and centers penitentiaries).

In addition, they have also carried out interventions on public roads, shops, public transport, seaports, airports, and other critical infrastructure, as well as on specific bridges or highways.

By types of support provided by the Armed Forces, these have been especially for disinfection, with 6,824 interventions. Of these, 32% have been in nursing homes, 27 on public roads and another 10 in hospitals.

Others have also been carried out of a logistical, health nature and, in recent weeks, support has been constant for the transfer of the deceased to facilities such as the Ice Palace, the City of Justice and Majadahonda (in the Community of Madrid), he adds. the fountain.

Transfers of moderate patients have also been carried out between different hospitals in the Community of Madrid and other medical centers such as Ifema or hotels set up for this purpose.

Of the total number of interventions (10,960), 6,145 have been carried out by the Military Emergency Unit (UME), 2,864 by the ground command (LCC), 1,529 by the naval component (MCC) and 422 by the air (JFAC).


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