90% of companies recognize that their workers use social networks in their workday

90% of companies recognize that their workers use social networks in their workday


The use of the internet and social networks for personal purposes during working hours is an increasingly widespread practice among workers. Thus, according to the fifth Adecco report on labor presenteeism, the 90% of companies ensure that their workers perform these practices during your work hours. Occupational presentism is the fact of being in the workplace, dedicating that time to matters not related to it.

Thus, according to Adecco, these practices have been increasing since the beginning of the crisis. Moreover, since then there has been a decreasing trend of those companies that claim not to have a presentista employee in their workforce. In addition, another fact to keep in mind is that 20% ensure that does not have mechanisms to detect these practices, while of the remaining 80% who do have them, 43.8% affirm that they have detected an abuse of presenteeism among their workers.

The connection to the Internet, social networks and the mail is the most widespread cause of presenteeism. In fact, more and more companies say that they are all or the majority of their employees who dedicate time of their work to this type of personal matters. A year ago this percentage was 16%, while this 2018 amounts to 25%.

Another extended practice is the coffee break, breakfast or lunch. In this sense, 89% of companies have detected this type of practice in their workforce. For its part, the third most widespread practice is that of smoking together with non-compliance with the working day (85% both).

The most determining cause of the increase of presenteeism in our country is the lack of labor flexibility. Although the number of companies that allow their employees to have greater labor flexibility is increasing, this percentage is still small. Thus, only 39% of companies offer flexible hours to more than 25% of their workforce. In addition, in the case of women, the increase in presenteeism is mainly due to being the one who takes care of the children most.

Yes, according to Adecco's report, although the hours of presenteeism increase more and more, employees compensate for this lack of hours in most cases with more overtime at your workplace.


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