January 22, 2021

8M: Do not lie to women | Society

8M: Do not lie to women | Society

But how, some exclaim. What are you complaining about now? Is not Spain one of the best countries to be a woman? The fifth in the world, says one study of the Georgetown Institute. So, what is this anger? Why the mobilizations of the 8M They fill the streets with women of all profiles, of all ages, like nowhere else in the world? What moves this purple tide?

No, Spanish women do not complain about vice. They (not all, already) claim just against that patronizing, condescending look that distills the arrogance of the one who looks from above. That speech that goes to say that the progress achieved is enough, if not excessive. That the path of equality has already been well covered. As if the laws had transformed us all. As if the advances achieved (indisputable) had fallen from the sky and were not a conquest of citizen pressure, as have been all the social achievements that the world has known.

But how, they say, do not we already have an egalitarian law? Is not discrimination prohibited? Do not we have a government that calls itself a feminist? When a woman is told that she has already achieved equality, she can tell her daily reality. A reality of labor obstacles of all kinds, of glass ceilings, of which your CV is worth less But if we catch you, you'll have to prove more. A reality of heavy burdens in the home and in the care of others. A reality of certain men who do not take it seriously. A reality of feeling afraid to go alone on the street at night. Or to be afraid at home who should love her.

Do not tell women that half a hundred murdered a year are few, that the herds are not so big, that the salary gap is his fault, that they do not have to reach heads, let alone counselors. What worse are those of the burka.

No, Spanish women are not victims, but demanding, and have reasons to be. They know what it has cost to get here. They also know that this is not the point of arrival. They see reasons to fear a setback. Steps have already been taken, for example, in the political consensus – more or less sincere – that protected recent policies on gender violence. And it shows, here as in Brazil, the ghost of machismo of those who say themselves without complexes. The one that makes hate to feminism a sinister political flag.

But how, they are shocked. We will not participate in a demonstration so politicized. Is that feminism, understand it already, is political. Perhaps the most relevant political and social phenomenon of this century. What is facing a strong reaction? Reason more.


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