8,900 people in a rugby final

8,900 people in a rugby final

For the second time in less than two weeks, a women's sporting event has broken record attendance. After that on March 17 the Wanda Metropolitan Stadium received 60,739 people at a football match between Atlético de Madrid and FC Barcelona, ​​the European final of women's rugby has gathered 8,900 spectators. According to Europa Press, the previous attendance record stood at 3,400 attendees.

In this way, the Spanish rugby team, Las Leonas, won by 54 to 0 to their Dutch rivals and declared themselves heptacampeonas of Europe. The final was played this Saturday at the Central Stadium, in Ciudad Universitaria (Madrid), which has a maximum capacity of 12,400 people.

From the Spanish Rugby Federation, as well as from different sports accounts, they have celebrated both the victory and the attendance.


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