Sat. Mar 28th, 2020

89% of caregivers are middle-aged women – The Province

89% of caregivers are middle-aged women - The Province

89 percent of caregivers in Spain they are middle-aged women, according to data from the Spanish Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology, (SEGG), on the occasion of World Day of the Caregiver, which is celebrated this Monday, November 5.

In this context, the director of International Medical Institute of Vithas International, Cecilia Almuiña, has emphasized that becoming a caregiver means a "strong emotional impact". "Various factors come into play, such as the level of kinship, the previous relationship between the caregiver and the person cared for, the acceptance of the new role, but Many times the person who cares is not prepared to assume the effort that supposes this new situation, producing mixed feelings, "he assured.

According to the doctor, the most frequent problems that caregivers face are "overload, lack of time to maintain personal life, labor and economic repercussions and lack of social recognition". In this sense, vindicates the work of the family doctor as "essential" at the time of assessing the personal situation of the caregiver in each particular case.

"It is common to report loss of energy, apathy, anguish, nervousness, depression, sleep disorders and, on a physical level, digestive discomfort, headaches, heart palpitations Some caregivers may even not admit the existence of physical or psychological symptoms or justify them by other causes other than care, which is why it is necessary to carry out a close follow-up, to prevent deterioration of your health and promote self-care ", concluded Almuiña.


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