September 21, 2020

88,300 euros for 50 minutes

The Government of Ceuta will review today assured that it will not pay the concert to the well-known rapper C. Tangana, considered the idol of urban music in Spain, until seeing the conditions of the contract for the criticisms arising from his last performance in the city.

The rapper Antón Álvarez (Madrid, 1990) acted on the night of last Friday at the Royal Walls of Ceuta and his performance has been very censored for the duration of the concert –50 minutes- and the amount of 88,000 euros that the action has cost.

The autonomous city has come to the step in a statement of the criticisms arising from the opposition parties – Caballos y Movimiento por la Dignidad y la Ciudadanía (MDyC) – as well as the reactions that there have been both in social networks and in the press.

The Government of Ceuta, through the Ministry of Culture, has issued a statement where it is clear that "He has not yet paid the cost of hiring the rapper," He started his career in 2006 under the pseudonym of Cream.

The Madrileño, who achieved a double platinum album with his hit "Mala Mujer" (2017), was hired for a maximum amount of 88,300 euros -6% of them corresponding to taxes-. The agreement includes both the artist's cache and the assembly of the show, the sound and light equipment, the suspension insurance for adverse weather conditions, tickets, hotel and catering, among other concepts.

According to the note, of that total amount would be deducted 28,600 euros corresponding to the amount of the sale of the tickets which, according to the conditions established by the contract, would run at the risk of the successful bidder.

The Government of Ceuta has made it clear that will review the contract file before making the payment of the activity to analyze that the successful bidder has complied with all the contractual obligations of the file.

The Caballas and MDyC parties, mainly, criticized in their social networks the amount that had to be paid to the artist and the time that the concert lasted, of "scarcely 50 minutes".

In addition, they also criticized that he had not wanted to attend to the media upon his arrival in Ceuta, where he did not make any kind of statements.

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