March 3, 2021

880,000 euros and much more

Today begins to judge another case derived from the use of black money in the financing of the PP. In the National Court there will be scratches on the use of 880,000 euros in B to pay for the remodeling works of the main headquarters on Genova street in Madrid. The implications for the PP can go much further. As witnesses, Mariano Rajoy, Aznar, Cospedal, Arenas, Acebes and Francisco Álvarez Cascos will pass through the court. Their testimony will be uncomfortable, because almost all appear directly or implicitly as recipients of the bonuses that came from the parallel accounting managed by Bárcenas. Here a review two decades of “deliveries” in “envelopes”.

PP bonuses, year to year and name to name

Evolution of the amounts charged by each manager each year between 1990 and 2008

Source: Bárcenas Papers

This new trial will be a legal and media torture for the popular, which can be extended until May and with weeks of up to three morning sessions. Pablo Casado tries to mark distances. Despite being a pupil and deferred dolphin of José María Aznar, he is sold as the leader who came to put an end to bad practices. His right hand has even said that if Casado had not won the primaries, “The PP would be dissolving right now”.


Pharmacists rub their hands

The large North American pharmaceutical company Pfizer estimates that it will earn more than 12,000 million euros in 2021 from the sale of its vaccines against the coronavirus. The profit margin will be 20%.

We cannot escape the fact that this information is included by Pfizer in a report that it makes for its shareholders and is the typical document that always has a positive tone. But still another statement is relevant: according to the company, COVID-19 is not going to go away in the short term and there will be a “potentially lasting long-term need for vaccines.”

About deadlines and looking specifically at Spain, Belén Remacha makes you a review of what you need to know to be realistic: how many vaccines do we have, who are they for and at what rate should we get them.

  • Pfizer’s body, amen. Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom they have just a few days to complete vaccination among the most vulnerable population, some 15 million people have already received the first dose. How do they go so fast? Blasting the bureaucracy and putting vaccines everywhere, even in churches and cathedrals.

More outbreaks in schools than in residences

We have the feeling that in recent months schools have not been the great super contagious focus that many parents dreaded. There have been cases and closed classes, of course, but it has not been the continuous drama that we saw coming.

But how are schools doing in this third wave? We have looked at data and we have bad news: the number of outbreaks in schools has multiplied. On Friday, January 22, in 95 weekly outbreaks detected in educational centers in Spain; by Friday 29 there were already 241; and this February 5 they rose to 413, a record since they were registered. They are more than those identified in residences (161) or in the work environment (270).

The closure of schools would be a measure with a tremendous impact on families and economic activity. Already in the first wave, the administrations did not know how to facilitate conciliation. So the general closure of the classrooms, which does occur in Portugal or the United Kingdom, does not seem like an option here. The Minister of Education has said that a “consensus has been reached with the autonomous communities to keep the centers open as much as possible.”

Meanwhile, 7,500 military personnel who were trained as trackers of Covid-19 infections are still sitting waiting for an autonomous community to call them to work.

Don’t let it pass you

  • Elections in Ecuador. The progressive candidate wins, next to former president Rafael Correa. But not with enough margin and there will be a second round.
  • Feminist liberation it is also fighting racism, homophobia and transphobia ”. A conversation by Olga Rodríguez with British journalist Reni Eddo-Lodge, author of ‘Why don’t I talk to whites about racism’.
  • This interview the Catalan journalist Marc Giró has no waste. Here is the favorite part of a colleague who prefers to remain anonymous: “It’s good to be always worrying about the male from Wisconsin, lest he stumble or vote for Trump because he is nervous or has lost the references. Well, fuck you, male from Wisconsin! “
  • If you didn’t see it last night, put yourself in a hole today the Saved of Gonzo on the La Sexta website, about immigration and racism.


Things i didn’t know

  • Did not know musical references on which John Williams was based for iconic moments from the Star Wars soundtrack. This theme reminds me of the series of reports about how many songs we know are made up of elements from other unknown songs.
  • He did not knowSince we are dealing with cinema things, which were the forillos, some curtains that were used in the film sets to give depth to the image. This Twitter thread explains many curiosities.
  • And i didn’t know that In many Disney films of our childhood, not only were the models reused to make characters (they are all quite similar) but entire sequences were directly reused to save costs in other films. Watch the videos that in this tweet and the answers … and notice how the child that is still in you dies.


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