April 18, 2021

88-year-old playwright Salvador Távora dies

88-year-old playwright Salvador Távora dies

Salvador Távora, a key figure of the performing arts, died today in Seville at the age of 88, according to sources close to the theatrical creator.

Born on April 3, 1930, the playwright and theater director is considered a renovator of the Andalusian theater and had been distinguished with the Medal of Andalusia and the Gold Medal for Fine Arts.

The playwright was "delicate health" for a few months but still had "very strong," as some friends have explained, who have confirmed that the next few hours the body of Távora will be transferred to the funeral of San Jerónimo de Sevilla, where will be watched by family and friends.

Sources of the family have confirmed that Pilar Távora, daughter of the deceased, was at the moment of the death of his father in Berlin, where he is filming a documentary, so he could be flying at this moment towards Spain once he has known the fatal outcome.

Salvador Távora was the creator of the company "La Cuadra", whose works have made more than 5,000 performances and views by more than 3,000,000 spectators, in 35 countries, and have been represented in 180 international festivals.

After his death, there have been many reactions adding to the condolences for the loss of Távora, as the vice president of the Board and Minister of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration, Juan Marín, who has lamented the death of the playwright, "an Andalusian that not only renewed the theater, but has been a reference point of Andalusian culture ".

Similarly, the mayor of Seville, the socialist Juan Espadas, said that "today is a sad day for culture and for Seville." "With Salvador Távora we lose one of our great references, although his legacy will always remain with us," he stresses, conveying his "most heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and the world of culture."

In the same vein, the secretary general of the PSOE-A and former president of the Board, Susana Díaz, added that "a genius who dug into our roots to make Andalusia's largest and most universal" has left. "We have his art, theater renovator anchored in flamenco, authentic and imperishable. My regret for the death of Salvador Távora, medal of our land, who will never forget it, "he concludes.

Son Predilecto de Sevilla received numerous recognitions and awards during his career, such as the Max de Honor Prize in 2017. "I am a tragic Andalusian, almost an Andalusian, as Lorca said, of life and punishment," the playwright described . "His broad and transgressive career" as a director, "his social commitment and his involvement with the theater" were enough for the organizing committee to grant him this distinction.

"It is a huge stimulus, compensation for all my work, especially because it comes from professionals who know what they are doing," explained Távora, whose particular theatrical philosophy broke molds: "My theater tends more to tragedy than to comedy. They are experiences from which I have taken an experience that through the art I have turned into communication, into theater, but understanding it as emotion and as truth ».

The director of the popular neighborhood of Cerro del Águila developed his career in the midst of the economic and cultural difficulties that followed the Civil War. With a career on the stages of more than four decades, his experience as a mechanic of a textile factory, as a bullfighter and his concept of flamenco and its social function caused the creator versatility as an author, playwright, actor and director, one of the most influential in the Andalusian and international scene since the decade of the 70s. Its origins in the world of theater date back to the late sixties, when the critic José Monleón requires it for the Teatro Estudio Lebrijano. It introduces flamenco as an element of communication comparable to text, action and gesture. In 1971 he conceived and elaborated «Quejío», a show where he attacks academicism. The life and the name of Salvador Távora remain linked forever to La Cuadra de Sevilla. «Los Palos», «Tools», «Bitter Andalusia», «Nanas de espinas», «Las Bacantes», «Alhucema», «Identities», «Carmen», «Don Juan in the ring» …, a production incessant.


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