April 16, 2021

82-76. Real Madrid – Baskonia

82-76. Real Madrid - Baskonia

Real Madrid broke their negative streak on Sunday after setbacks in Malaga and Moscow and, without showing their best basketball, managed a triumphant victory against Baskonia that allows him to return to the second position of the table and face with greater optimism the imminent Cup of the King (82-76).

After a bad first quarter, the players of Pablo Laso were able to amend their errors before the break and overcame in the second half an intermittent Baskonia, who lacked enough energy to return the blow of the first round in Vitoria.

The success of what ended up being his best man, Anthony Randolph, with three triples in the first four minutes, seemed to venture a good start for his team, which took the first advantages in the scoreboard until, at the first change, it got stuck in attack and allowed the Baskonia to take command with Vincent Poirier as a stiletto.

The white bump was getting deeper and deeper. The errors in the shot were followed and the scoring drought lasted for almost four minutes, allowing visitors to go ahead in a first quarter of little basketball in which Real Madrid survived thanks to Randolph, who contributed eleven of his fifteen points (15-19, min 10).

With a poor 3/12 in shots of two (25%) and more points scored from the triple than from the other positions, the best attack of the League remained in the game thanks to the Baskonia, which boasts having the better defense of the League, was not left over with virtues at this point.

However, without excessive effort, the Basque team enjoyed up to eight points of advantage at the start of the second act, which spurred a Real Madrid that, little by little, was stretching and entered the game with more courage than good game .

The match was balanced thanks to the baskets of Klemen Prepelic and Gustavo Ayón and the push of Facundo Campazzo in the direction of play, who managed to equalize at halftime a locked match, with few points and with more emotion than quality (37-37, min. twenty).

The shooters still did not have their best day after passing through changing rooms and the exchange of baskets, at a lower than expected pace, kept the uncertainty for many minutes and prevented any takeoff on the scoreboard (48-48, min 27).

Luca Vildoza and Shavon Shields stood out in Baskonia, while the thrust and vision of the game of Campazzo and the domination under rings of Walter Tavares and Gustavo Ayón were the main weapons of a Real Madrid to which a final acceleration gave its greatest advantage coinciding with the end of the third quarter (57-52, min 30)

A 5-0 of partial showed nothing more to start the final ten minutes the local improvement and the stagnation of a Baskonia that accumulated a 12-2 against and could not find formulas to attack the white defense.

Perasovic called time out to stop the bleeding and returned to the track to Vildoza after several errors by Marcelinho Huertas, but Jaycee Carroll and Rudy Fernandez smelled the blood and put another march to the game, achieving as booty rents of up to a dozen points.

Johannes Voigtmann did not give up and left in four the disadvantage less than three minutes from the end. Baskonia had an attack to get one down with 33 seconds to play, but Poirier lost the ball and Randolph sentenced the game with a triple from the corner that rescues the second place for the Madrileños and loads them of morality for the Cup.

– Data sheet:

82 – Real Madrid (15 + 22 + 20 + 25): Campazzo (7), Causeur (4), Deck (-), Randolph (18) and Tavares (9) – starting team -, Rudy Fernández (7), Reyes (5), Ayón (8), Carroll (10), Prepelic (7) and Taylor (7).

76 – Kirolbet Baskonia (19 + 18 + 15 + 24): Vildoza (11), Janning (11), Shield (11), Poirier (12) and Voigtmann (10) -quintet holder-, Huertas (8), Diop ( 2), Jones (2) and Hilliard (9).

Referees: Daniel Hierrezuelo, Vicente Bultó and Rafael Serrano. They eliminated Matt Janning for fouls (min 36).

Incidents: Match of the twentieth day of the Endesa League, played at the WiZink Center in Madrid before 9,701 spectators. In the prolegomena, Real Madrid honored its captain, Felipe Reyes, for beating the record of matches played in the history of the League -including the National League and ACB-, by beating Joan Creus.


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