March 4, 2021

800,000 interns aspire to a sentence to become permanent officials


Some 800,000 Spanish interim officials who have been chaining temporary contracts for years aspire to become permanent as a result of the procedure that is settled in the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), whose sentence is expected for September or October.

According to the lawyer Javier Aráuz, who has more than 5,000 cases of chaining, explained to the media on Tuesday «abusive»Of contracts in the Administration, is waiting for the general counsel of the CJEU, who usually rule on the line in what the court does next, raise its report on two questions submitted by Madrid courts in this regard, a text scheduled for July 11, but has been postponed until the September 5.

This would allow for a sentence in «Two or three months» which, if favorable, would give "a important varapalo to the Government of Spain»For failing to comply with the European directive that calls for combating temporary employment in public employment.

Arauz has pointed out that many interim officials they chain temporary contracts for years and they are discriminated against because they do not have the same social protection as the fixed ones -excess, licenses- and they can be dismissed for free, something that can not be done in the private sector.

This situation is complicated by the public job offers now called to give stability to public employment, which can mean the departure of workers who have been in office for years.

The objective, he insisted, is "to transform the abusive temporary relationship into a fixed one", more as a way of «Punish» the Administration for breaking the European directive that for «reward" to the worker.

Ten years as temporary

Among the claimants who have exposed their cases are health employees wave Justice who have been making temporary contracts for ten or even twenty years, and who consider it unjust to face opposition now to access a position for which they have already demonstrated their capacity and suitability when in some cases they have not been called in more than a decade.

They have also reported issues that they consider discriminatory, such as hospital guards contracts, which they do not have base salary, the impossibility of requesting leave of absence for the care of family members or access to the long-term European health card for children.

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