800 kilometers by bicycle to promote organ, blood and marrow donation

Participants in the challenge, in San Sebastián.

Participants in the challenge, in San Sebastián.
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The challenge 8 islands, 8 marathons. Gift vineto, an initiative supported by the Canary Islands Health Service through the Autonomous Transplant Coordination service of the General Directorate of Assistance Programs and the Canarian Institute of Hemodonation and Hemotherapy (ICHH), it ended its journey of 800 kilometers by bike through the Pyrenees over eight stages to continue fostering organ donation blood and marrow.

Those responsible for the challenge wanted, by joining the Mediterranean Sea with the Cantabrian Sea through the mountain range, to encourage citizens to become a donor, carrying out various informative activities especially through social networks while one of its members travels the Trans-Pyrenees remembering the importance of donating both blood, organs and marrow.

Trans-Pyrenean Challenge finished! Stage 8: Etxalar- San Sebastian- Hondarribia Uniting the Mediterranean with the …

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The challenge, which started from Roses (Girona) and culminated in San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa), included the 800-kilometer route and 14,700 accumulated meters of positive elevation gain.

This project has already run the following sporting events in the Canary Islands: the Meridiano Marathon, in El Hierro; the La Graciosa Marathon; the Transgrancanaria Marathon, in Gran Canaria, and the El Paso Trail Spanish Championship, in La Palma. The rest of the marathons have been postponed for the time being due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the team’s work has continued, spreading the word on the networks and encouraging those around them to continue donating blood, organs and marrow, even more if possible. in such a difficult time.

On June 14, 2020, the Spanish Federation of Blood Donors awarded this project the National Merit award.

In addition to participating in these races, those responsible for 8 islands, 8 marathons. Give life, have prepared a specific information guide for athletes in a brochure and triptych format to explain in a simple way how to donate in the Canary Islands.

They encourage all transplanted people who have received the gift of a second chance at life to practice sports regularly as a source of health and improvement of the quality of life.

300 bags of blood are needed a day in the Canary Islands

With the pandemic, blood donation figures have decreased in the Canary Islands, 300 bags of blood are needed per day So it is essential to spread the importance of giving life by donating blood, being able to save in just 20 minutes three adults or five or six children in such a beautiful altruistic and supportive gesture. Donating blood is as simple as making an appointment on the web www.efectodonacion.com and select the point of extraction closest to the home.

To become a bone marrow donor, you must be between 18-40 years old, fill out an informed consent on the web www.canarias.medulaosea.org and you will be summoned for a simple blood draw with which you become part of the Bone Marrow Donor Network (REDMO). It is possible to go to donate blood and register as a marrow donor.

To become an organ and tissue donor upon death, you can request a donor card at www.eresperfectoparaotros.com or carry out the Advance Declaration of Will (AVM) by requesting an appointment through 012. (922 47 0012 or 928 30 10 12).


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