80 years of an unrepeatable person – The Province

80 years of an unrepeatable person - The Province

Who have a friend, have a treasure. Juan Manuel Gimón he has proven that he has it as he deserves, in quantity and quality, now that he has reached the Aristotelian age of wisdom. Juan Manuel Gimón He celebrated his 80th birthday surrounded by friends, ladies and gentlemen, as can be seen in the photograph on the left, at the Marea Baja restaurant on the sports dock of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. "Very endearing person for all of us, what induces us, decidedly and fervently, not only to tell him the usual 'that you fulfill many more', but also to add to the topic, with the utmost affection: to live eternally!" that is our sincere feeling, and because we would like to continue enjoying their beloved and precious friendship ", offered his friends. Gimón and his friends, raised the glasses, "reiterating the unanimous desire of all his companions, to tell this unrepeatable person, that we augur a future that is most pleasant in his life, both public and family."


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