Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

"80 million for Lucas, we'll end up paying five for a bus driver ...

"80 million for Lucas, we'll end up paying five for a bus driver ...

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Bayern Munich is a peculiar club because it is common for ex-players, myths, opinions without cutting on everything that surrounds the team. The last has been Effenberg, the blond midfielder who won the 2001 Champions League, with Valencia as a rival in the final. In the column he writes in "T-online" he was very critical of the signing of Atlético player Lucas Hernández, for which the Bavarian club has paid 80 million. "The only one who has won is Atlético, my stomach hurts", is one of his reflections. "As long as this continues, we will end up paying five million euros for a bus driver within five years. I would rather spend 80 million on creative players, on midfielders or strikers, "he added.

Lucas Hernandez is 23 years old, but was already a starter in France, world champion last summer. The ex-German national does not think that the policy of signing young people is good, because patience and demand are incompatible. "If we continue like this we must be prepared not to fight for the European Cup in the coming years," he concluded.


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