August 11, 2020

8 weight loss exercises you can do at home

In this world of continuous stress and little time, every day we have less time to play sports. But … what if I tell you that 15 minutes a day is worth it? It may seem shocking since we associate the gym with long sessions. The truth is that these exercises to lose weight at home that are done in 15 minutes will suffice, thanks to a training in HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), also known as high intensity work. According to the latest studies, this training activates the creation of mitochondria responsible for the supply of energy. Therefore we will get a better use of glucose and our exercise will be more effective. It is also known that if we practice HIIT for a period of 2 to 3 weeks, our body increases the ability to oxidize lipids, that is, to burn fat.

Also, when we do the high intensity training, not only do we burn energy and fat during practice, but when we have an accelerated metabolism we do it during subsequent hours. High intensity practice also has a direct relationship with the growth hormone, and therefore, with the ability to increase your muscle level. Remember that more muscle, more calorie intake.

These 7 exercises to lose weight can be done at home and it will take about 15 minutes. Do each exercise for 30 seconds and rest 1 minute later. You can do two batches of each exercise. After the video you will find the detail of each exercise:

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1. Jumping jacks

Starting from a standing position, with arms and legs together, we will perform a simultaneous movement of arms and legs. With arms above the head fully stretched and maximum possible separation of legs. Then we will return to the starting position with arms and legs together.

2. Double squat jump

We will start with the legs together and perform a small double jump and then we will separate the legs and do a squat. Try to get the tips of your feet behind your knees.

3. Jump with inner leg touch

We start from the same position of the previous exercise and the same small double jump. Now we will touch the inside of our foot, with the opposite arm.

4. Skater

We make a side jump in which the opposite leg will pass behind. The movement will be accompanied by the arms that will go to the same side in which we have made the lateral jump. We perform the same action but with the opposite side.

5. Lunge jump

The lunge jump is to make a stride combined with a jump to change the leg. During the vertical jump we will change the position of the legs.

6. Side shift jump

From the starting position we will make two lateral movements, we will touch the ground with our hands and jump as if we wanted to reach the ceiling. We repeat the action but to the opposite side.

7. Rear lunge with leg lift

We will make a later stride with an upward jump. 15 seconds with one leg and 15 more with the other.

We recommend drinking a sip of water for 1 minute breaks between exercise and exercise. At the end of the session we will perform stretching to relax the muscles involved in the session.

Albert Rodríguez Sancho is a personal trainer in Coach To Top, a multidisciplinary training and attention company based in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona).

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