8 ways to free memory space on your mobile

Tips that will help you have enough space on your smartphone

One of the main problems for smartphone users is have enough space to operate, download new apps, take photos or videos, etc. That leads to having to constantly look for gaps and juggle the memory of smartphones. In addition, it causes other problems.

"As a result of the saturation of reception of multimedia files, our mobile is slower because the internal system of the device takes more time to find an available block space or, even, some basic functionalities such as taking a picture or receiving video messages may be impossible. Hence, we receive the dreaded message that we do not have enough space to receive or send files, ”they explain from the platform for the sale of reconditioned phones Librephonia.com.

To avoid this the company has developed a list of tips that will help you free memory space of your mobile device:

  • Delete old messages. Avoid accumulating conversations with contacts you don't talk frequently. But do not do it manually, as there is an automatic method that can eliminate memory every month without using time on it.
  • Do not save copies of files. Avoid copying or downloading files in high quality, as they will take up a lot of space in the phone's memory that causes your device to slow down.
  • Clean application data.Installed applications keep information about the use we make of it and accumulate data due to updates. Therefore, we must enter them regularly and manually delete the accumulated data.
  • Clear cacheThis memory is used to allow our phone apps to work optimally. However, they also need to occupy part of the phone's memory for operation. Therefore, it is advised that we delete information from the cache and thus allow us to continue updating our device correctly.
  • Use an external memory.Move information to the external memory card of your terminal and thus, it will serve as an extra support to which you can access without reducing functionality to your device.
  • Uninstall applications We repeatedly install applications to get a promotion or discount. Take the opportunity to remove those apps that you no longer use and that only makes your mobile accumulate information that you don't need.
  • Disable automatic file downloads of applications.They generate the majority of garbage storage.
  • Save data in the cloud. There are many applications that offer us free cloud storage and we can use it as extra space.


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