July 29, 2021

8 tips for teleworking in a social emergency situation

After publication, by the Ministry of Labor, of a guide of action in the labor field to stop the contagion by coronavirusThere are already many companies that are committed to implementing a new form of distance work and thus protect their employees. In fact, companies like Bankia, Hey, Vodafone, BBVA or Aena, have already started with some of these job recipes. The point is that not all the great Spanish firms are prepared for this new way. It is more, in Spain only 4.3% of those employed usually work from home, according to Eurostat data from 2018, compared to 5.2% of the European average and below the rates of surrounding countries such as Germany (5%), Portugal (6.1%) and France (6.6%). With these figures, and according to the data of the Ministry of Health that record a daily increase in the number of infected by Covid-19, some companies such as the BICG (Business Innovation Consulting Group) They have listed a series of tips to promote the implementation of teleworking.

Define the objectives

In this sense, the figure of the person in charge is fundamental for communicate and move clearly to the employee your commitments, either working in the office or anywhere else. To do this, the CEO of BICG, Iñaki Lozano, explains that “making a list of tasks is a good measure in these cases.”

Train staff

You should take advantage of the technologies and use all the tools available to communicate. Also, the via telephone It should not be left aside, since it is often more effective than email and can avoid possible misunderstandings that can occur through text messages.

Provide the necessary equipment

It is important that the teleworker has an agile Internet service and same tools with which he has counted until now in his physical job. In this sense, all the expenses required to work remotely must be covered by the company.

Promote good communication

In order for distance work to be efficient, it is important that both the employee and the supervisor promote fluid communication, and also that some is instilled face-to-face meeting with the aim of maintaining group cohesion.

Watch the breaks

You have to use the correct postures, as well as take a break from time to time and ventilate, from time to time, the space in which you telework.

Avoid domestic distractions

The worker must be clear that when he is in working hours, you should avoid other activities that affect or break your work rhythm, such as housework or coffee breaks too long.

Establish a routine

Like when attending a job in a company, the worker should avoid falling into procrastination or disorder. Also, from the consultant also indicate that “calls can be established windows of consciousness, periods of several hours in which it is agreed that all equipment will be accessible.

Light and order

In this sense it is key to have enough light, better if it is natural, maintain a minimum order, avoid sources of noise that alter the concentration or excessive sun exposure.


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