September 23, 2020

8 essential frozen series to overcome the summer – La Provincia

What if in summer the best form of escapism were the fictions of places where they don’t see much sunlight? We talk about the countries of nordic noir, with their policemen wrapped in fluffy sweaters. Or the universe of Fargo, where they send parkas and hats with ear flaps. Arctic and Antarctic. Under these lines we gather eight series recommendations (all available at streaming) to ease the heat wave and refresh this and any other summer. Sun, beach and sweat stories? No: better from darkness, glaciers and hypothermia. Shiver at ease.

‘ARCTIC’: Vibrant Viral Intrigue

Go ahead, this series revolves around a viral plot, something that is still going back these days. If they are able to accept this detail, the (good) tension awaits them. Police officer Nina Kautsalo (Iina Kuustonen) and expert virologist Thomas Lorenz (Maximilian Brückner) cannot be ignored as they attempt to solve a human trafficking plot complicated by a fearsome pathogen. In addition, it is difficult to find a series of whiter landscapes: this Finnish-German production is located in Ivalo, a small town in Finnish Lapland. Available on Movistar +, Vodafone TV, Orange TV and Sky.

‘FARGO’: Universe in expansion

A series based on the classic Coens, but without them involved in any way, even if they appear credited as executive producers (a simple legal formality)? The creation of Noah Hawley was the object of skepticism at first, especially among moviegoers, but it has been revealed, season after season, as a meritorious experiment; less a simple carbon copy than a novel adventure with recognizable scenery. Pending season four, postponed due to covid-19, the first three can be recovered. The best could be the third, in which Ewan McGregor shines (doubly) as a pair of brothers confronted by a take me away some stamps. Available on Prime Video and HBO.

‘THE TERROR’: Journey to the Dark

The adaptation of Dan Simmons’ famous book was begged for (it has been in development since 2013), but when it finally arrived, in 2018, it did not disappoint, it just blew our heads. He director Edward Berger ( Deutschland 83) explained with powerful images (a version of) the expedition of the explorer Sir John Franklin through the so-called Northwest Passage, the shortest sea route between Europe and Asia. Two wooden ships, the Terror and the Erebus, they are trapped in the ice under a threat of unknown ways. Actors the weight of Jared Harris, Tobias Menzies and Ciáran Hinds put their natural talents at the service of supernatural terror. Available on Prime Video.

‘TRAPADOS’: An Iceland full of stars

The best way to justify this recommendation should be by dropping names. Must see this Icelandic series, cash thriller of human trafficking and de-sated nature, for being partly the work of Baltasar Kormákur, one of the most recognized directors of the country of volcanoes and ice. Also because it launched Ólafur Darri Ólafsson to stardom, a great actor (in various ways: he is 1.89 meters tall) recently seen as chairman of Icelandic public TV at the Eurovision Song Contest: The history of Fire Saga. Or because they signed his music, hold on, the long-awaited Jóhann Jóhannsson and Hildur Guðnadóttir (Chernobyl, Joker), with some help from Rutger Hoedemaekers. Available at Movistar +.

‘CARDINAL’ An adult and cinematic ‘thriller’

Developed by Aubrey Nealon (screenwriter for Flashpoint) from a series of novels by Giles Blunt, this thriller Canadian surprises with the complexity of its characters and a truly cinematic visual style. In it we follow the investigations of the stubborn homicidal detective John Cardinal (Billy Campbell, the former Rocketeer) and his partner Lise Delorme (Karine Vanasse, former flight attendant of Pan am) in imaginary Algonquin Bay, with real headquarters in North Bay, northeast Ontario. In the just released fourth season, a missing persons case turns into a murder spree. Available on Movistar +, Vodafone TV, Orange TV and Sky.

‘DEADWIND’: Pure formula, but inspired

This Finnish Netflix series strictly follows the parameters of the nordic noir: the light is dim; its characters smile little; What might seem, at first, an isolated murder case actually conceals a corporate corruption plot? It’s pure formula, okay, but it works. It could even be said that it has rarely done so. Pihla Viitala (also seen in Arctic as the protagonist’s sister) magnetically embodies homicide detective Sofia Karppi, forced to get along with a new partner, the more analytical Sakari Nurmi (Lauri Tilkanen), to solve the case of a social worker found buried in the lot of a work. Last month, more specifically on July 1, its second season arrived. Available on Netflix.

‘THE HEAD’: Antarctica in Tenerife

The brothers Àlex and David Pas-tor ( Infected, Home) and Isaac Sastre write this thriller horror set in a scientific research base in Antarctica (actually, Iceland on the outside and a set in Tenerife indoors). Ten people stay there to spend the winter and, when spring comes, only one remains; of the rest, seven have died and two have disappeared. We will have to listen to the testimony of Dr. Maggie (Katharine O’Donnelly), although it is not the most reliable in the world: the poor thing suffers a syndrome that includes memory loss and psychosis. Due to its landscape and the prevailing paranoia, it is inevitable to think of a film as The thing, by John Carpenter, a reference embraced by the creators: viewing this 1982 classic is a tradition on the Polaris VI base. Available on Orange TV.

‘LILYHAMMER’: Out of place gangster

The first Netflix series was not House of cardsbut the lesser-known comedy-drama LilyhammerCo-written production starring Steven Van Zandt, legendary member of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band and cast of The Sopranos. Van Zandt’s character is a bit of a Silvio Dante transcript, but we’re a long way from New Jersey. After testifying against a mob boss, gangster Frank Tagliano enters a witness protection program and requests to be sent to Lillehammer, Norway, basically because of how well they organized the Winter Olympics there in 1994. Of course, Tagliano is unable to go unnoticed in the place, and as soon as he arrives he flirts with a Norwegian teacher or even skips some protocols to set up a sports bar. Due to its atmosphere and its picturesque characters, the series can be reminiscent of the classic, also snowy, Alaska Doctor. Available on Netflix.


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