8 arrested and 2 investigated for 35 robberies in Madrid, Toledo and Zaragoza

8 arrested and 2 investigated for 35 robberies in Madrid, Toledo and Zaragoza

The Civil Guard has arrested eight people and has investigated two others, between the ages of 20 and 42, dismantling a criminal group dedicated to robbery in industrial buildings and in vans parked on public roads, up to a total of 35 robberieslocated in the provinces of Toledo, Madrid and Zaragoza.

In this operation, it has been possible to recover high-end tools and copper for a total value of 545.000 euros as well as two vehicles stolen in Zaragoza to transport the stolen material.

13 people from a criminal organization were arrested for more than 600 criminal acts

In the month of April 2023, the 'operation CASMONDO' carried out by the agents of the Investigation Area of ​​the Main Post of Valmojado (Toledo), after several complaints filed by removal of high-end tools in a wide criminal radius in different provinces, the highest percentage being in industrial vehicles after forcing the locks parked on public roads.

After the commission of a robbery inside a van where a large number of tools and machinery were stolen, with the rapid action of the agents it was possible to locate two of the alleged perpetrators selling the stolen tools and machinery in a town in the Madrid's communityclose to where the act was committed, being able to intercept the sale and recover the stolen effects.

After intense operational activity carried out by researchers from the Civil Guardit was possible to identify the components of the criminal group, made up of ten peoplenine men and one woman between 20 and 42 years of age.


were performed house records to two of the components, in the first of them various tools, electronic devices as well as various documentation that they used to perpetrate crimes against property were intervened. The other record occurred in a gym in a Madrid town where a large number of tools were located, which were recovered and a large part recognized by the victims of robberies with force and others that are under study to locate those affected and clarify more criminal acts.

All the members of the criminal group they were placed at the disposal of the Authority in the Court of 1¬ Instance and Instruction number 7 of Illescas.