July 12, 2020

77% of Spaniards want to combine teleworking with going to the office




The extension of telework during the Covid-19 pandemic has led 77% of Spaniards to consider that the ideal model of work is the one that combines telework with face-to-face in the office; Furthermore, 64% of workers feel that their digital skills have improved in this period thanks to teleworking.

This is reflected in the Adecco Group study ‘Resetting Normal: redefining the new era of work’, carried out worldwide to analyze the labor market before, during and after the pandemic in eight countries, including Spain.

If in the last quarter of 2019, according to a study by the Adecco Group Institute, only 7.9% of the total employed in Spain teleworked At least once a week from home, right now, remote working has become the first choice for both employees and companies, and the world “is ready to start hybrid work,” says Adecco.

In Spain, eight out of ten employees consider that telework is a key factor for the future of work. Furthermore, Spaniards are among the citizens who recognize certain improvements in work during the pandemic and the 64% believe that their digital skills have improved; if they have not yet done so, 79% consider it essential to do so in the post-pandemic future.

For the general director of Adecco Spain, Íker Barricat, the “sudden and dramatic change that we have all undergone has accelerated trends such as flexible work, leadership in environments of uncertainty or retraining / reskilling of workers”. In this sense, he explained that Adecco had been adapting to these new ways of working for a long time, “guaranteeing the safety of our employees and betting on technological innovation”.

“Now is the time to put all these lessons into practice if possible to achieve a healthier, more productive and inclusive workforce in the future, helping our clients, candidates and workers,” said Barricat.

The Grupo Adecco study indicates that the pandemic has meant that the perception of certain activity segments has changed and many sectors, until recently undervalued, are now the most supported after months depending on them.

In Spain, the most valued sectors since the beginning of the crisis are the health sector and eight out of ten Spaniards value it better than before the pandemic; that of cleaning, with 73% of respondents expressing their positive perception of professionals in this industry; and the retail sector, with 68% of respondents saying they value it more now.

The transport and logistics sector, the agriculture sector and the scientific and pharmaceutical sector are also among the most valued by the Spanish with 66%, 64% and 62% of the respondents who value more than before these professionals, respectively.

The assessment of journalism in Spain is also more positive than the global one, with 27% of Spanish respondents claiming to have improved their perception of professionals dedicated to this activity.

Furthermore, 73% of Spaniards feel pride of belonging to the sector in which it operates professional, according to the Adecco study, which also indicates that only 9% of respondents would change jobs and sectors. The most attractive sector for those who consider changing their activity in Spain, the educational sector.

On the other hand, 74% of Spanish respondents have been motivated during the pandemic, 89% considered themselves to be productive, and 72% were proud to work for their company. The spirits of workers in Spain have remained above the average of the eight countries in which the study has been carried out.

Regarding post-pandemic expectations, both in Spain and in the rest of the countries consulted, companies have earned the trust of their employees and 88% of Spaniards affirm that their bosses met or exceeded their expectations during this period.

Adecco’s Director of Marketing and Communication, Jesús Cubero, pointed out that the study reflects that more than 81% of those surveyed identify their company as responsible for guaranteeing a better working world after the pandemic.


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