765,399 doses in the last 24 hours

Spain has broken a daily vaccination record for the second consecutive day after administering 765,399 doses in 24 hours. On Thursday, 747,589 injections of some of the available COVID-19 vaccines were inoculated. With this, 38.9% of the population is already fully immunized, more than 18 million people.

Madrid, at the tail of the vaccination with more than a million doses in the warehouse

Madrid, at the tail of the vaccination with more than a million doses in the warehouse

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In total, the autonomous communities have administered 42.7 million doses and 54.7% have received at least the first puncture, almost 26 million people. The campaign continues apace thanks to the arrival of unprecedented amounts of doses in recent weeks, which brings Spain closer to the goal of vaccinating 70% of the population with the full regimen before the end of the summer.

By age group, 87.1% of all those over 40 have received the first injection and 54.9% have the full schedule, almost 15 million people.

Specifically, almost all those over 70 years of age are fully vaccinated, while 94.3% of those between 60 and 69 have received a first injection and 50.8% of that group have the complete schedule (two dose of Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca or one of Janssen).

The group that advances the fastest is the 50 to 59 year olds. 88% of that age have received at least the first dose and 77.5% the complete regimen.

Madrid lags behind in vaccination with 1,024,000 doses without putting

The Community of Madrid is the autonomous region that has inoculated the least doses of those received, 84.2%, and it keeps almost a million in storage, according to the latest reports from the Ministry of Health. The region governed by Ayuso is lagging behind and the regional government tries to trace – externalizing the service – some data that put into question the Madrid health system and, specifically, the state of its Primary Care.

The data questions the numerous criticisms that both Ayuso and his team from the Ministry of Health have leveled against the central government in recent months, when they demanded more vaccines, despite having them. “If it had not been for the Government, I would already have Madrid vaccinated 100%,” the Madrid president came to assure during the 4M electoral campaign. It also contradicts the current version of the regional government that defends that it has a “rhythm in accordance” with the doses they are receiving.


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